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Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden and American Tennessee State University jointly established the International Institute of Ginseng


In order to further promote the cooperation research between the United States of America Tennessee State University and the Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden, a few days ago, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Health and Family Planning Commission Party Member, Guangxi Jianye Hua, Director of the Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden and the visiting Heineken State University President Heine McPhee (Sidney Mcphee) signed a joint agreement to establish an international ginseng institute in Guangxi Medicinal Botanical Garden.

Director Jian-Hua Jin introduced that Tennessee in the United States is one of the important production areas for Americans. This is an important basis for the joint research on ginseng. The establishment of the Institute aims to make full use of the resources of the United States, the research technologies of China and the United States, and the global network to serve human health worldwide. In the future, the institute will focus on the scientific exploration of American species, species conservation, health product research and development, and ginseng research as the research content, forming a complete industrial chain from ginseng species protection, product development, and health experience. Prof. Rui Jianhua said that the establishment of the institute will use ginseng as a carrier to bring the cooperation of the two parties to a deeper level, and bring benefit sharing to both parties from scientific research, strategic investment, and marketing promotion.

President McCafe welcomed the joint establishment of the institute. This time, he led a delegation including political officials, researchers, and capital partners of the state to visit the Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden. He will further discuss and carry out in-depth cooperation research between the two sides in the field of medicine.

The cooperation between the Guangxi Medical Botanical Garden and the United States’s Tennessee State University began in 2011. During the past eight years, the two sides have worked together to do a lot of positive work in strengthening cooperation in the pharmaceutical field, promoting the industrialization of scientific research results and exchanges of researchers. The establishment of a joint international ginseng institute will become a new starting point for cooperation between the two sides.


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